A network of creative cities, working together towards a common mission for cultural diversity and sustainable urban development.

Member cities are recognised as:

  • “Creative hubs” that promote socio-economic and cultural development in both the developed and the developing world through creative industries
  • “Socio-cultural clusters” connecting socio-culturally diverse communities to create a healthy urban environment.

The Network aims at developing international cooperation among cities and encouraging them to drive joint development partnerships in line with UNESCO’s global priorities of “culture and development” and “sustainable development”.

Once a city is appointed to the Network, it can share experiences and create new opportunities with other cities on a global platform, notably for activities based on the notions of creative economy and creative tourism.

Creative Cities Network Mission Statement


The Creative Cities Network seeks to develop international cooperation among cities that have identified creativity as a strategic factor for sustainable development, in the framework of partnerships including the public and private sectors, professional organizations, communities, civil society, and cultural institutions in all regions of the world. The Creative Cities Network facilitates the sharing of experience, knowledge and resources among the member cities as a means to promote the development of local creative industries and to foster worldwide cooperation for sustainable urban development.


The Creative Cities Network aims to:

  1. Strengthen the creation, production, distribution, and enjoyment of cultural goods and services at the local level.
  2. Promote creativity and creative expressions especially among vulnerable groups, including women and youth.
  3. Enhance access to and participation in cultural life as well as enjoyment of cultural goods.
  4. Integrate cultural and creative industries into local development plans.

Areas of action:

The objectives of the Creative Cities are implemented through partnerships in the following areas:

  1. Pilot projects: initiatives that demonstrate the importance of creativity as a key to development.
  2. Promoting good practices: exchanges on projects and measures of proven efficiency and effectiveness.
  3. Studies: research, analysis and assessment of the creative cities experience.
  4. Meetings: consultations, gatherings and virtual conventions.
  5. Cooperation programmes: North-South, South-South and North-SouthSouth initiatives to support member cities in need of assistance.
  6. Training and capacity building: Exchange of interns, trainees and educational modules.
  7. Policy measures: initiatives linked to local and/or national development.


The CITY & the Network


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