UCCN connections

In 2014

A collaboration with Colombian chefs in the 2nd Hondarribia Heritage Forum

Antonuela Ariza, Luz Beatriz Velez and Edgar Simmons are three Colombian chefs who offered the best of this South American country’s cuisine during the few days from 20 to 29 March in Hondarribia. They each specialize in the local cuisines of so many parts of Colombia such as the Amazon, the Andes and Orinoco, the Cauca and the Pacific, as well as the Caribbean.

During their stay we took the opportunity to show them our city, the Basque Culinary Center etc…

Edgar Simmons arrived in Hondarribia representing the city of Popayan, the first city of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in Gastronomy.

Gastronomic Congress of Popayan (Colombia)

Hondarribia was the international guest city of honour at the XII Gastronomic Congress of Popayan in September. Our city was, in the words of Edgar Simmons, “considered one of the greatest exponents of Basque cuisine. We’ve brought back several concepts that may be of much interest to us, such as the concept of pintxos and miniature cuisine. Because over there, people live for food; they go from one bar to another, or between restaurants eating small portions of each dish as appetizers. You can go out and try 20 or 30 types of pintxos” said the prominent chef, highlighting the potential of this trend for culinary tourism.

The concept of miniature cuisine was also promoted in the First Contest of Pintxos of Popayan, held during the same congress, with students from different gastronomic institutions throughout the city. The judges were the chefs of Hondarribia and the prize for the winner was a trip to Hondarribia to “know this wonderful city, a world leader in gastronomy”.

In 2015

Collaboration with the city of Tsuruoka (Japan) in the 3rd Hondarribia Heritage Forum

The Japanese city of Tsuruoka, appointed in December as a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy, presented the cuisine of the Japanese province of Yamagata along with: three gourmet dinners, showcooking sessions and experiences such as the tea ceremony, in Hondarribia between 10 and 15 March.

Ryo Ishizuka, Otaki and Yui Shin Ishizuka are the three Tsuruoka chefs who offered three dinners at restaurants in Hondarribia as well as a show cooking session held in the ‘Itsas Etxea’ Auditorium on “fish soups from the creative cities”. Presented with the participation of María del Mar Orozco of Popayan (Colombia) by video-link, who made “Fish Soup from Cauca”; Ryo Ishizuka Tsuruoka (Japan), who presented his “Cod Soup”; and Iñaki Berges (La Hermandad de Pescadores de Hondarribia), who created his “fish soup of Hondarribia”.

Collaboration with Bilbao, UNESCO Creative Cities Network city in Design and with Granada, in Literature

In the 3rd Heritage Forum in March, we had the participation of Nora Sarasola (Bilbao) who presented “Design and Creativity in cities” and Jesus Ortega (Granada) who gave a presentation on “Granada, creative city in Literature”. The meeting served to illustrate the involvement of both cities in the Network and the creation of future collaborations with Hondarribia.

Visit of Florianopolis (Brazil) to Hondarribia

In June, the creative city of Florianopolis visited us and observed up close the gastronomy and city of Hondarribia. They had the opportunity to visit the Hiruzta winery and taste Txakoli wine.
They also had the opportunity to savour the “pintxos” in the Gran Sol bar and enjoy our cuisine in the Michelin Star rated, Alameda restaurant.

During their stay, they also participated in the “Gastronomy, generating value and employment” summer courses of the University of the Basque Country (EHU-UPV) organized by the Deputy Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Policy of the Basque Government, in collaboration with HAZI.

As a result of this visit, they participated in the “Knowledge & Flavours of Santa Catalina” workshop in collaboration with the city of Ensenada (Mexico).



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