Our mayor encountered the Network in the Heritage Forum in 2013, through Popayan, guest city and promoter of our bid.

The City Council, unanimously by all of the political parties, is responsible for leading the project, streamlining, promoting and facilitating the necessary resources for its implementation. It has the institutional support of the Basque Government (Hazi Foundation) and the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa. There is also the solid participation of local social partners who have proposed projects and have been meeting monthly in workshops.

The ARMA PLAZA Foundation is responsible for coordinating the process of development and implementation of projects.


  • Public entities (County development agency ‘Bidasoa Activa’)
  • Private entities (Hiruzta winery, San Pedro Fisherman’s Guild)
  • Civil society and originators (gastronomic societies, (0km) local produce associations, producers, cooks, hostelry and traders associations, UNESCO Etxea)
  • Education Network (Basque Culinary Center, schools)

The collaboration of UCCN member cities, Popayan Tsuruoka, Ostersund, Florianopolis, Bilbao and Granada has been key to the design of this application.


The coordination and management of Hondarribia in the Network and development of programme operations and its participation in initiatives of the rest of the cities will be carried out by the ARMA PLAZA Foundation. A Technical Secretariat and a Scientific Secretariat will be created.

The Technical Secretariat will share facilities and technical personnel with the ARMA PLAZA Foundation and 4 specialists cultural and creative management. It will at all times refer to specialized consultants to develop the action plan.

The Scientific Secretariat will be presided over by the mayor and coordinated by the councillor for agriculture, Agenda 21 and the environment of the city. It will meet quarterly. It will be formed by the network of local agents (Association of Commerce and Hospitality, Fisherman’s Guild, Bidasoa Activa development agency and Gastronomic Societies) and institutions (HAZI Basque Government, Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa) as well as public-private institutions (University of the Basque Country and the Basque Culinary Center). It will be organized in specific work-groups.

The collaboration of UCCN member cities, Popayan, Tsuruoka, Ostersund, Florianopolis, Bilbao and Granada has been key to the design of this application.

The CITY & the Network


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