In March 2014, in the II Heritage Forum, Hondarribia initiated communication and awareness activities among its citizens, institutions and agents, to publicize the UCCN. Both local and international action plans have been designed to develop a UCCN programme in the city throughout the year that we are sure will continue to be complemented and enriched over time.

The presence of cooks from Popayan and Tsuruoka and the visit of Florianopolis have been very effective in involving citizens and various agents from the area in the project application.

For the creation of a hub and a working method of the Communication and Awareness Plan, the city has, since the beginning, been working under the Creative City concept Hondarribia. It has created a website at along with a presence on social networks where various aspects, goals and actions designed for this application have been synthesized into a video that ensures effective communication both locally and abroad.

The Creative City Hondarribia ‘brand’ will be present in all the city’s programming related to culture and creativity and especially among the gastronomic agents, the younger generations and the more vulnerable groups.

Hondarribia va a crear un fondo para impulsar económicamente el emprendimiento creativo dentro de UCCN.


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