Co-founder of the "New Basque Cuisine"

Ramón Roteta

He is one of the most famous Basque chefs, and is very forthright about being a chef, saying “No other definition identifies me better.” And the kind of cooking he wants to do, and does, is also a subject that is clarified in a categorical way: “My line is a tasty cuisine, a relaxed cuisine”.

Ramón Roteta, born in Hondarribia, has behind him an extensive experience over the stove that began over 40 years ago in the School of Hotel Euromar, along with Luis Irizar.

This cook is the author of dishes like ‘Rice with vegetables with seafood’, ‘Loin roast monkfish with sauce barnacles’ and’ Farmhouse eggs poached with truffle sauce and foie’. He was, from the outset, at the forefront of Basque cuisine, one of the foundering chefs of the ‘New Basque Cuisine’.

Currently, Ramón and the chef Ander Gonzalez, are the “teachers” and “judges” of the “Sukaldari” TV programme on EITB Basque public television.

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