1 Michelin star

Gorka Txapartegi

The Txapartegi brothers: Mikel, Kepa and Gorka, head and run the Alameda restaurant in Hondarribia. Along with them, hand in hand, are a young and united team without which the company would not be possible.

His grandmother took over this eatery back in 1942 and today, almost seventy years later, Gorka Txapartegi has made the Alameda restaurant into one of the most revered sites in Basque cuisine, backed by a Michelin star since 1997. In 2010, the Basque Academy of Gastronomy distinguished Gorka Txapartegui as chef of the year.

Like so many first class chefs, Gorka Txapartegi was raised around pans and saucepans. “My grandmother first ran the restaurant, then my mother and my uncles, and now my two brothers, my cousin and I.” At the age of 20 he took on the responsibility to front the family restaurant, the charming old house located at the Alameda esplanade, on Amute brook at the foot of the walls of Hondarribia. “Do whatever you want, they told me, and I got down to work.” It was a slow revolution. “At home I had learned some maxims such as respect for the product and the care of providers. Gradually I tried to combine the best of the traditional with the modern in cooking. And here we are.”

The spirit of the Alameda restaurant is to show the utmost respect for the product in a close and familiar atmosphere. It is a cuisine with roots and at the same time contemporary, in search of authenticity in the kitchen. They take great care of their suppliers and have enormous respect for the environmental product. They embrace mostly local Hondarribian produce and even that from their own garden.

His aims: teamwork and family evolution; no individual challenges. Seeking to be further rooted in the environment and progress without losing the traditional flavours.

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