“Robin Food”

David de Jorge

David de Jorge was born on October 4th, 1970 in Hondarribia. Restless by nature, he dares to poke his nose in other stoves spreading gastronomic wisdom and culinary enjoyment in fantastic pieces published across various media and mediums: he writes for El Correo and Diario Vasco, collaborating on TV and radio with La Sexta, RNE, ETB2, Cadena SER and Radio Euskadi and feeds a blog called “Binge at gunpoint”. In addition, he presents “Robin Food”, a cooking show on Tele5 that sums up his way of life and gusto. Among the many titles he has published are: “Cooking is not to be trifled with” (2010) “More than 999 no-nonsense recipes” (2012) “More than 100 slimming recipes” (2014) and “Robin Food, recipes from the TV show” (2015) co-authored with Martin Berasategui. Trained at some of the most prestigious restaurants in the world, he has cooked alongside teachers such as Arbelaitz, Guérard, Chibois, Subijana and Berasategui, who is also a partner.

To learn more about the author: www.daviddejorge.com

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