Gastronomic societies and households

Anonymous creatives

In the culinary culture of the city the ‘anonymous creators’ are essential. Hondarribia’s citizens who enjoy sharing and innovating with friends and visitors in the gastronomic societies along with mothers in every household, keep alive our local culinary traditions.

The Gastronomic Societies are unique spaces of Basque culture and society where a group of friends form as a non-profit association and create these places for cooking and enjoying cooking with friends, guests and visitors who sit in on these experiences of tradition and creativity. Often incorporating other cultural expressions such as singing, reciting, dancing and sports, they are melting pots of social cohesion, of different social classes, different backgrounds, different beliefs and generations.

In gastronomic societies as with the city itself, seasonal produce and a direct relationship with the producer are the basis of its gastronomic process.

In Hondarribia there are 17 gastronomic societies, representing a seperate space of creativity and passing on of knowledge for every 1,000 citizens.

The CITY & the Network


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