Iñaki Bergés

The best clam chowder in the world

"Near the Bidasoa River in a small fishing village is the 'La Hermandad de Pescadores' (Brotherhood of Fishermen) restaurant, with a fish soup that everyone should try. I assured the owner that this was the best clam chowder in the world"...

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Ramón Roteta

Co-founder of the "New Basque Cuisine"

He is one of the most famous Basque chefs, and is very forthright about being a chef, saying "No other definition identifies me better." And the kind of cooking he wants to do, and does, is also a subject that is clarified in a categorical way: "My line is a tasty cuisine, a relaxed cuisine"...

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Gorka Txapartegi

1 Michelin star

The Txapartegi brothers: Mikel, Kepa and Gorka, head and run the Alameda restaurant in Hondarribia. Along with them, hand in hand, are a young and united team without which the company would not be possible...

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Bixente & Mikel Muñoz

Basque Country Pintxo Champions

The Gran Sol bar in Hondarribia is a landmark in the culture of the pintxo. With an extensive track record of awards and recognitions, the secret of these miniature treats lies in making them "from the heart". Good ideas, careful preparation and a great team make the success possible...

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David de Jorge

“Robin Food”

David de Jorge was born on October 4th, 1970 in Hondarribia. Restless by nature, he dares to poke his nose in other stoves spreading gastronomic wisdom and culinary enjoyment in fantastic pieces published across various media and mediums: he writes for El Correo and Diario Vasco, collaborating on TV and radio with La Sexta, RNE, ETB2, Cadena SER and Radio Euskadi and feeds a blog called "Binge at gunpoint"

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Leire Etxaide

Master gardener of the Mugaritz restaurant

Leire is from Hondarribia. After completing her academic training at Cebank (School of Culinary Arts and Hospitality), she began her professional career in 2002 at the Mugaritz restaurant (Renteria, Gipuzkoa) in the desserts section. Mugaritz has always been a pioneer in the use of plants and flowers in its cutting-edge kitchen. In 2005, the restaurant decided to create the garden division...

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Juan José Lapitz

Writer, gastronomy expert, critic and scholar

Born in Hondarribia in 1934, he is a well-known writer, gastronomy expert, critic and scholar. Besides having written a score of books, he is a founding member of the Basque Academy of Gastronomy. He started as a writer with the magazine "Ondarribi" back in the 1950s. He collaborated on newspapers, magazines and radio broadcasts...

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Fisherman's Guild of San Pedro

The Fisherman's Guild of San Pedro brings together 'arrantzales' (fishermen) who operate in the Hondarribian fishing fleet. It is an institution dating back to the year 1361 (c. XIV). Previously, there had been a lot of fishing activity, although it is only in this year when the guild was officially recognised by the authorities at the time of the first ordinance in 1566. Historically it was governed by a board that was made up of the Senior Abbott, two mayors or consuls of the sea, three junior mayors and a secretary or butler....

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Anonymous creatives

Gastronomic societies and households

In the culinary culture of the city the 'anonymous creators' are essential. Hondarribia's citizens who enjoy sharing and innovating with friends and visitors in the gastronomic societies along with mothers in every household, keep alive our local culinary traditions...

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