Hondarribia wants:

  • To internalise, promote and realize the tangible and intangible heritage of the city incorporated in gastronomy as the engine of sustainable urban development. As such, to generate its own new creative expressions based on traditional gastronomic products and processes, respecting the historical territorial balance of its 3 cores: urban, seafood and native-rural, in the framework of the Heritage Forum.

  • To promote cooperation between local creators and entrepreneurs with other cities creating focal points of cultural diversity and knowledge.

  • To ensure the transmission of our gastronomic traditions to newer generations and linked to local products, their producers and their creativity in the kitchen. With active educational policies and through local culinary agents such as the gastronomic societies and the Master Klink initiative.

  • To protect and promote the benefits of local seafood, agricultural and livestock produce by associating its consumption to quality of life, reaffirming the identity of the city. Sustainable production that assures the future of qualtiy 0Km (local) produce. Collaborating through networking with other experiences and sharing our Director of Urban Gardens Plan.

Hondarribia has identified in UCCN a perfect framework to promote and further develop international exchanges of knowledge and creativity, as it has done throughout its history from the early whalers who went to America and established fish farms there in the early sixteenth century.

Located on a natural European border, Hondarribia has historically generated an intense agro-biological and cultural diversity, it is a city open to the world that wants to become a culinary melting pot. Hondarribia seeks to exchange and promote future projects with other cultures beyond stereotypes to enrich all fields of creativity of the city and of the Network.

We collaborate with Merida, Oaxaca and Monterrey and the Japanese department of Ishikawa. And for the last two years Hondarribia has been establishing activities with UCCN member cities within the Heritage Forum held annually in the city. In this space, cooks from the cities of Popayan and Tsuruoka have shared experiences and dreams with local creatives. Hondarribia, in 2014, was the guest city of the Popayan Gastronomic Congress, with a delegation headed by its mayor along with three cooks from the city.

These activities, as well as contacts and visits to cities in the network, such as Popayan, Ostersund, Tsuruoka and Florianopolis (cuisine) and Granada (Literature) and Bilbao (Design) demonstrate the vocation and ability of Hondarribia to participate actively in the Network and its commitment to the values of the UCCN.

Hondarribia is ‘THE’ stopover city for the comprehensive gastronomic experience in the Basque Country: production, education, innovation, authenticity, quality, creativity and transmission of traditions. It wants to be the Basque Country’s CityLab of Gastronomy, a ‘hub’ of creativity for the exchange of know-how, promotion of entrepreneurship and sustainable urban development. Hondarribia wants to enrich this experience by sharing it with the cities of the UCCN.

Hondarribia, wants to consolidate its gastronomy as a cultural expression with key economic values for the city from its creativity and innovation.

Hondarribia knows that joining the network will promote the current and future gastronomic policies for sustainable development in the city. And it will help citizens internalize gastronomy as a catalyst for multiculturalism. And it will weave permanent work initiatives with other cities of the Network, also in cross collaboration with the other creative fields.

The CITY & the Network


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