The Basque Country has a wide cultural heritage preserved over centuries. This rich history is also garnered in its gastronomic heritage with its extensive and varied range of produce and traditional dishes.

In Hondarribia all of these riches come together in an urban, rural, marine and border equilibrium.

From different cultural identities within the city arise a centennial relationship of gastronomy with music in Hondarribia. Many choirs were born in gastronomic societies. Music and singing have a leading role in everyday dining experiences and in the most auspicious celebrations. It is common to organise lunch and dinner with musical concerts that sometimes accompany the festivals of the city, such as the Hondarribia Blues Festival in July.

Something unique is the Basque oral improvisation; rhythm, music, singing, and literature: ‘bertsolarismo’. The ‘bertsolaris’ or improvisers are protagonists of many after-meal recitals with friends in gastronomic societies, in restaurants, wineries and farmhouses.

From the 90s to the present day, many restaurants in Hondarribia, such as ‘el Curry Verde’ or ‘Sugarri’, maintain partnerships with local artisans and provide experiences where contemporary reinterpretations of the culinary traditions are mixed in different scenarios with the creativity of new generations of the city.

UCCN member cities of music, literature and design together with gastronomy have been incorporated into the permanent working platform of the Heritage Forum. A framework which since 2013 works 365 days a year, not only sharing knowledge, but also promoting collaboration projects between Hondarribia and other cities.



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